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CALL  PAT  AT    727-243-9045  !!!


KATHIE @ 352-442-8403

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CALL  PAT  AT    727-243-9045  !!!

​​CALL PAT @ 727-243-9045


KATHIE @ 352-442-8403

When picking up your puppy you MUST call at least an hour prior to arriving at the farm.

Failure to do so may cause you problems because I will assume you changed your mind on when you wanted to come so I may take off and go to the beach or shopping.  I do not care how many times you tell me you will be here on a certain day, you can call and tell me 10 times a day for  5 days in a row but you MUST still call at least an hour prior to your arrival.

I DO NOT want to hear.  " I told you Tuesday I would be here on Saturday"   Did  you tell me the precise time ?  It does not matter, if you fail to call One hour prior to arrival do not be mad because I am not here.  Even if you just drove 4 hours to get here.

The courtesy of a phone call is required !!!!

If you get lucky and I happen to be here fine, but if I wasn't informed an hour in advance so your puppy will not have a fresh bath and you may be taking home a dirty, smelly puppy that's been playing in the yard.


Please send us an email at the email address listed below.  We try and check our emails often through out the day.

This is not a link you will need to type in the email address.



If my humans happen to stray from me, please give them a call.  I can't leave them to their own devices for long !  Arranging a play date with me and my humans or inquiring about my favorite treats are also acceptable reasons to call.

PAT AT  727-243-9045


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