Florida Cockapoos.  Florida Cockapoos breeds cockapoo puppies in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  Our cockapoo puppies come in a vriety of colors such as buff, apricot, chocolate, black, black and white, red, cream, sable, black phantom and parti-colored and are across the United States as well as Canada and Puerto Rico.  You will find Florida Cockapoos in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, West Virginia, Washington DC, Mississippi, California, Alaska, New Mexico, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michaigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Ohio, Montana, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky as well as our western states of Colorado, Nevada, Arkansas, Nebraska, Utah, Washington, and Idaho.  You will find a lot of our cockapoo puppies in Tampa, FL, Miami, FL, Bradenton, FL, Sarasota, FL, Jacksonville, FL as well as Charleston SC, and Charlotte, NC

    Specializing in Adorable, Loveable, Cuddly Cockapoo  Puppies !


Information On Shipping your Puppy And Other Options

We can meet or deliver you your puppy through a delivery service we use.  We would love all our families to be able to come here and pick up there puppies, however that is not always possible. Because of this we offer several options for families that live far away to get a puppy from us.


  Shipping is the best option for families that live far away. We take care of all shipping arrangements, all you have to do is pick your new puppy up at the airport! We ship within the continental US and Canada. We arrange the for the best flight, keeping our puppies health and comfort in mind at all times. The cost of shipping is $300- $400 (Canada is about $100 more and the Canadian gov has $40 airport charge). Shipping From My local airport is $350 We normally ship from The Tampa International Airport (TPA). From my airport I can do direct to most major airports. Some airports will require layovers. We primarily use Continental aka United, American or Delta Airlines to ship the puppies. The puppies are shipped in an airline-approved crate with food, water and documents that can be used for training and traveling with the puppy. Both airlines ship using same-day shipping that is safe and secure for the puppies. All airlines offer priority shipping. The puppies do travel in the cargo area, however, it is pressurized and at the same temperature and has the same air filtered in as the passengers breathe. Having shipped puppies for many years, we have never had a negative incident. We have purchased puppies for our own use and had them shipped in, and were always very pleased with the condition of the puppies and the attention they received while in the care of the airlines. All puppies must be a minimum of 8 weeks old to fly.  We make all the shipping arrangements. We search for the shortest available flight. We try to make the arrangements 1 weeks in advance. We will email the flight arrival information (airline, day of shipment, flight number, air bill number and time of arrival) as soon as they have been confirmed to us. Flight time and numbers are subject to change without notice. If they do, we will call you immediately after the puppy has been put on the flight with the changes and all information you will need to pick up your puppy. Included with your puppy is its certified health certificate, vaccination and worming record, NACR registration for the puppy, and your puppy's guarantee unless otherwise mailed out.

Other Options

If you prefer not to ship your puppy we offer other ways to get your puppy. We are willing to meet families but we charge for our gas and hotel stay (if needed) along with a charge for our time. Example: Delivery to Miami by car would be $350. This is about the same cost as flying your puppy directly to Miami, however, some people prefer not to fly their puppy so this option is available for those people.