Florida Cockapoos

First Generation Cockapoos in Tampa, Florida

Welcome to Florida Cockapoos! Located near Tampa, FL!  

We here at Florida Cockapoos Breed only 1st Generation cockapoos. A first Generation Cockapoos is a pure bred mom bred to a pure bred dad. We use Cocker Spaniels for the mom's and Poodles for the dads.

The advantages of a first generation cockapoo:

  • a low to nonshedding, hypoallergenic, softly curling coat
  •  above average intelligence
  •  playful & spirited behavior
  •  easily trainable
  •  healthier hybrid vigor

  • 6150 S Lecanto Hwy, Lecanto, FL, USA

When visiting the farm you must call one hour prior to your arrival at the farm. When calling, please leave a text message if we do not answer the phone. Our voice mail is full and cannot be emptied however we check text messages more frequently than we do voice mail anyway. It's just quicker !!!