Prices, Reserving, Deposits & Other Info

All of our Cockapoo Puppies are $1800 no matter the color, sex or the time of the year the Puppy goes home.

We do not charge more because it is Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.
We do not charge more for a boy or a girl.
We do not charge more for a particular color.

All cockapoo puppies are raised them same, with the same care. All of our adults get the same excellent care. There is no need to make one cockapoo puppy more than the other for any reason.

To Reserve a Cockapoo Puppy you must place a $300 Nonrefundable deposit via Paypal or Venmo. 

A deposit is $300 to hold the Cockapoo puppy of your choice. Our deposits are nonrefundable for ANY reason unless the puppy has a health problem at the 8 weeks vet visit my vet finds a health issue. If this happens I will call you and we can talk about the options.

You can make a deposit one of two ways. Once you place your deposit please Contact Me me and let me know you placed a deposit and on which puppy.

  1. PayPal of $310 ($300 for your nonrefundable deposit and $10 PayPal Fees) to
  2. Venmo to @PJaimes  (Patricia Jaimes, last 4 of phone # 9045)

Deposits protect you and me. Your deposit guarantees you get the puppy you want and placed the deposit on is held for you and you will be taking home for your family. Deposits are not transferrable to another puppy or litter at any time. To hold a puppy, I require a portion of the puppy's price as a down payment.

Why are Deposits Non-Refundable?

When you place a deposit on a puppy, I stop advertising that puppy. While your deposit is holding the puppy, other people aren't given a chance to buy that puppy because it is being held exclusively for you.

If you decide you no longer want the puppy, I have to spend time re-listing and advertising and trying to re-sell the puppy. As puppies get older, it is harder to sell them. People who are in the market for a new puppy are generally looking for a young puppy. While I have been holding the puppy for you, it has gotten older and it will be harder for me to sell the puppy which means the puppy may not be placed in a new home at a time that would be easiest on the puppy. Older puppies have a harder time because they have already learned my “house rules” and must now re-learn their new owner’s rules. It simply isn’t fair to the puppy and, any way you look at it, I lose time and money when someone backs out of a purchase and it’s not good for the puppy or me so that is why deposits are non-refundable.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For deposits only we accept PayPal with 4% fees (so a $300 deposit would be $312) or Venmo, which does not charge fees, so would be $300.

At pick up we accept cash or Credit Card. If you choose Credit Card there will be a Service Fee of $60.   You are welcome to Venmo the $1500 remainder of your Puppy price to me three days prior to pick up otherwise I will only accept cash or credit card (with a fee) when you pick up your puppy.  Please take a minute to read over the rules about puppy pick ups!

Does the deposit go towards the purchase price or is it in addition to the price listed on your website?

The deposit goes towards the purchase price of your puppy. For example, you purchase a puppy for $1800. You pay the $300 deposit to reserve that puppy for your family. When it is time to pick up your puppy you would pay $1500 (cash only at pick up please).

What type of guarantee do you give?

I provide a Guarantee per the Florida State Pet Laws.  You can veiw my Guarantee by clicking here.  You will get a copy of this Guarantee, signed by me, as well as a Bill of Sale, Florida Health Certificate and all medical records for your Cockapoo puppy.  Please read over the Guarantee before you place your nonrefundable deposit.

Do you or can you provide veterinarian references?

Yes, I will gladly give you the name and telephone number of my veterinarian to check references but please be fairly certain I am the breeder for you with a Cockapoo puppy you want before asking for this info. I do not want my veterinarian to be deluged with unnecessary requests. Thank you.

Do you microchip your Cockapoo Puppies?

Yes we do. This is a permanent form of identification and allows your dog to be reunited with you if he/she is lost or stolen. Even if your dog loses his collar he will still have a microchip because it is implanted under his skin and cannot be removed without surgery. Once you get your puppy home you will be able to register the microchip in your name. I will provide all documentation for you to get this done as quickly as when you have a name for your puppy.